Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Healthcare reform

Health-Care Changes to Start Taking Effect This Year (Correct) - reported on by Shannon Pettypiece and Alex Nussbaum. My thoughts? I need to get to the tanning salon ASAP since a new 10% tax kicks in starting July. But on a serious note, I still want to know what defines a "cadillac insurance plan." I want to know because all families with employer-paid insurance will face a hefty tax in 2018 (if not earlier). As soon as I find the details, I'll post it here. However, based on previous experience with government determinations in addition to my background as a benefits specialist for employers, "cadillac" will most likely include most employer-paid plans. As the saying goes, expect the worst so you won't be disappointed. Oh well, getting a tax-free tan in time for May graduation will cheer me up.

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